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Antiguo Egipto & Love

Bien, esto me ha llamado la atención.

Os voy a poner unas cuantas canciones de amor
( si, se que es raro en mi, pero si, os voy a poner canciones de amor ¬¬´ además no os extrañeis tanto, la mayoria de las canciones que me gustan hablan de amor ¬¬´)

ejm...sigo...canciones de amor
DEL ANTIGUO EGIPTO, sacadas de papiros de más de tres mil años de antigüedad...

creis que ha cambiado mucho la cosa? nahhhhhhhh

lo siento, os la tengo que poner en ingles. para mas info leer varios libros sobre el tema, y mirar esta pagina,
o escuchar otras canciones aquí

My heart flutters hastily,

When I think of my love of you;

It lets me not act sensibly,

It leaps from its place.

It lets me not put on a dress,

Nor wrap my scarf around me;

I put no paint upon my eyes,

I'm even not anointed.

"Don't wait, go there," says it to me,

As often as I think of him;

My heart, don't act so stupidly,

Why do you play the fool?

Sit still, the brother comes to you,

And many eyes as well.

Let not the people say of me:

"A woman fallen through love!"

Be steady when you think of him,

My heart, do not flutter!

Fourth Stanza, from Papyrus Chester Beatty I

I Passed before His House

I passed before his house,

I found his door ajar;

My brother stood by his mother,

And all his brothers with him.

Love of him captures the heart

Of all who tread the path;

Splendid youth who has no peer,

Brother outstanding in virtues!

He looked at me as I passed by,

And I, by myself, rejoiced;

How my heart exulted in gladness,

My brother, at your sight!

If only the mother knew my heart,

She would have understood by now;

O Golden One, put it in her heart,

Then will I hurry to my brother!

I will kiss him before his companions,

I would not weep before them;

I would rejoice at their understanding

That you acknowledge me!

I will make a feast for my goddess,

My heart leaps to go;

To let me see my brother tonight,

O happiness in passing!

Sixth Stanza, from Papyrus Chester Beatty I

Seven days since I saw my sister,

And sickness invaded me;

I am heavy in all my limbs,

My body has forsaken me.

When the physicians come to me,

My heart rejects their remedies;

The magicians are quite helpless,

My sickness is not discerned.

To tell me "She is here" would revive me!

Her name would make me rise;

Her messenger's coming and going,

That would revive my heart!

My sister is better than all prescriptions,

She does more for me than all medicines;

Her coming to me is my amulet,

The sight of her makes me well!

When she opens her eyes my body is young,

Her speaking makes me strong;

Embracing her expels my malady—

Seven days since she went from me!

Seventh Stanza, from Papyrus Chester Beatty I

Saam-Plants here Summon Us

Saam-plants here summon us,

I am your sister, your best one;

I belong to you like this plot of ground

That I planted with flowers

And sweet-smelling herbs.

Sweet is its stream,

Dug by your hand,

Refreshing in the north wind.

A lovely place to wander in,

Your hand in my hand.

My body thrives, my heart exults

At our walking together;

Hearing your voice is pomegranate wine,

I live by hearing it.

Each look with which you look at me

sustains me more than food and drink.

Poem 2, from IIc, The Third Collection, Papyrus Harris 500

It Is Her Love that Gives Me Strength

My sister's love is on the far side.

The river is between our bodies;

The waters are mighty at flood-time,

A crocodile waits in the shallows.

I enter the water and brave the waves,

My heart is strong on the deep;

The crocodile seems like a mouse to me,

The flood as land to my feet.

It is her love that gives me strength,

It makes a water-spell for me;

I gaze at my heart's desire,

As she stands facing me!

My sister has come, my heart exults,

My arms spread out to embrace her;

My heart bounds in its place,

Like the red fish in its pond.

O night, be mine forever,

Now that my queen has come!

From IIIa. A Collection, The Cairo Vase 1266 + 25218

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